Arijit Singh’s Love Life And Two Marriages: Reportedly, His First Marriage Didn’t Last Even A Year

Playback singer, Arijit Singh has made the entire nation fall in love with his songs, but not many know that his love life is not less than a film’s tale.

6 min readMay 29, 2021

Arijit Singh, also known as the voice of this generation, has cemented himself as one of the most prominent singers of this time. He has a voice that touches the heart and leaves a person with a volcano of emotions. At the mere age of 34, he is considered the king of playback singing. While many have fallen in love with him, his personal life is not less than a film’s tale and one can feel his pain through his voice.

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Born in, Murshidabad, West Bengal, Arijit Singh’s musical journey had started when he had participated in the reality show, Fame Gurukul, in 2005. However, not many know that the show didn’t just give him the recognition, but he had also had met his first wife on the same show. Check out as we share with you the details of Arijit Singh’s two marriages and his family.

Arijit Singh’s singing journey was influenced by his mother, late Aditi Singh

Arijit Singh’s parents, Kakkar Singh and Aditi Singh

Not many people know, Arijit Singh’s father, Kakkar Singh is a Punjabi, while his mother, Aditi Singh was a Bengali. Arijit Singh, who was born on April 25, 1987, had started his musical training at home. His grandmother was a singer, his maasi (maternal aunt) was an Indian classical singer, his mama (maternal uncle) was a tabla player. Also, Arijit Singh’s mother, Aditi Singh was a singer.

Arijit Singh had lost his mother on May 19, 2021, in Kolkata. According to an official statement from the hospital, Arijit Singh’s mother had taken her last breath on May 19, 2021, at 11 pm in the night. It is being said that she was tested COVID-negative on May 17, 2021, but succumbed to a cerebral stroke.

Arijit Singh’s journey from Fame Gurukul to being the king of Indian playback singing

Arijit Singh had first gotten recognition when he had participated in the singing reality show, Fame Gurukul in 2005 at the age of eighteen. Even though he was eliminated from the show just six weeks before the finale, he had made a name for himself. And it was in 2009 when he had gotten his first musical break with Mithoon Sharma’s composition, Phir Mohabbat from Murder 2, which was recorded in 2009 but was released in 2011.

However, it was 2013, when Aashiqui 2 came out and Arijit Singh became an overnight sensation with his song, Tum Hi Ho. This song fetched him several awards for singing and established him as one of the leading playback singers.

Arijit Singh’s first wife, Ruprekha Banerjee (according to reports)

The 34-year-old, Arijit Singh (as of May 2021), likes to keep his personal life private. His social media account doesn’t give a single glimpse of his simple life. And maybe that is the reason why there is not much known about his first marriage. But according to reports, in 2013, Arijit Singh was working as a music programmer, and that’s when he had gotten married to his co-contestant, Ruprekha Banerjee from his first reality show, Fame Gurukul.

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Arijit Singh’s divorce with his first wife, Ruprekha Banerjee

However, Arijit Singh’s first marriage with Ruprekha Banerjee didn’t last long and they had a quick divorce. There are several sources, which claims that his first marriage was an impulsive decision and was done in haste. And one can simply feel the real-life pain he had been through in his many songs.

Arijit Singh’s second wife, Koel Roy

After a bitter divorce, Arijit Singh had started dating his current wife, Koel Roy, who was his childhood friend. The couple had tied the knot on January 20, 2014, at Tarapeeth temple in West Bengal, following the Bengali wedding rituals. Since then, they have been happily married. Arijit Singh had kept his wedding a hush-hush affair and not many from the Hindi film industry were invited. Reportedly, the only known name, who had attended his second marriage was the music composer, Pritam who had helped Arijit soil his roots initially. In an interview with the Filmfare, Arijit had revealed the reason for keeping his marriage away from the media. He had said:

“We got married a long time ago. But we’ve made it official now with a ceremony. I had a lot of complications in my life. I was going through a separation (he had reportedly married his co-contestant in Fame Gurukul). I’ve gone through much. I don’t want to go through it again. So let’s not talk about it.”

However, Arijit had kept his marital status away from the media glare as long as he could. He has always been a media-shy and in an interview with The Times of India, when Arijit Singh was asked about his wife, he had simply told the reporter not to ask any personal questions.

Arijit Singh’s children

Arijit Singh with his wife, Koel Roy and children.

Arijit Singh and his wife, Koel Roy are parents to three beautiful children. Arijit and Koel had gotten blessed with two sons and step-daughter from Koel’s first marriage.

Arijit Singh’s net worth

We all know that Arijit Singh is amongst the highest-paid singers. According to many media reports, Arijit Singh belongs to rich singers of the industry. And in the year 2020, his earnings were almost 52 crores i.e., 70 million USD. The singer charges a sum of rupees 8–10 lakh per song for films. And for a one hour concert, he charges 1.5 crores.

Arijit Singh believes in simple living

Arijit Singh hates being called a ‘celebrity’. After all, he has entered into playback singing because of his love for music. In an interview with The Times of India, when Arijit Singh was asked about buying a car, he had responded:

“Car? What car? I still don’t have a car. I still travel by public transport. I take autos to travel to and fro for recordings. When in Calcutta, I take a train to go to Murshidabad and then take a cycle rickshaw to my house.”

Well, have you ever heard of a simpler man from the showbiz world apart from him? Now, coming back to Arijit Singh’s love life and two marriages, what would be your takeaway from this simple and interesting love tale?

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